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Karen Pope, SFR

A Name you can Trust

Service Providers

Call Karen Pope at Appalachian Land Company Service Provider List



Susan Wells:  828-837-7515

Turnner, Ennis and Hatchett:  828-837-8188



Lowes:  828-835-4660

Home Depot:  706-781-1865

Circuit World: 828-837-8861


Appliance Repair:

Smokey Mountain Appliance: 800-837-8861

JJ’s Appliance Repair:  828-837-1923


Appraisers- Real Estate:

3D Appraisals:  828-321-1200


Attorneys- Real Estate:

David Cowan-828-837-2332

Charlie McHan-828-837-6393

Bill McKeever and Noland Smith 828-837-0162

Marguerite Stricker:  828-835-7373


Cabin Rentals-vacation:  

Marianne Snoke, Appalachian Land Company 828-837-9199


Carpet Cleaning:

Bulldog Carpet Cleaners   828-557-1758



Verizon Wireless   828-837-5359



Carroll’s Mountainside Electric 828-837-4298



Fireside Hearth and Home 828-837-4298


Gas (Propane ) Companies:

Proflame  828-837-2700

Heritage Propane 828-837-8787

Thompson Gas 828-835-9798



Murphy Glass  828-837-5254



Crowe Excavating    828-557-5944   828-494-7770



Heating and Air:

Elliot’s heating  and Cooling  828-837-4364

Cherokee Heating and Air   828-837-8411


Home Builders:


David Dockery: 828-361-0656


Patrick Construction:   877-486-0272  (Green Builder)


Rell Lackland Construction:  828-837-7971   828-361-2211




Home Inspectors:

Matt Trader  828-644-8243

Western Carolina Home Inspections,  Rick Kinsey  828-835-5407

Professional Property Inspections,  Larry Moyer  828-835-8585

Able Inspection Services:  828-557-3844


Home Repair:

Matt Trader   828-644-8243

David Light 828-361-8027


Hotels:   ( or call Appalachian Land Company for a cabin rental  828-837-9199)

Days Inn   828-837-1628

Best Western (pet friendly) 828-837-8030

Holiday Inn 828-837-1111




Farley Insurance (Rod Brown)  828-837-7447

State Farm   828-837-7200


Land Loans:

Carolina Farm Credit (Matt ) 828-837-7436

BB&T 828-837-8144



Mountainscapes and More 828-361-7525

Potts and Pebbles    828-361-4238


Lawn Services:

Luke’s Lawns   828-644-5405

Jason’s Lawn Service   828-361-4185


Mechanic ( automobile) :

Marlin’s Automotive Services:   828-837-5709

Pleasant Valley Auto (Brian White)  828-835-3110

Alan Pipes Garage  828-837-8774


Mold Remediation:

Professional Decontamination Services George Burnette:  706-897-0804



Mortgage Loan

Homestar Financial, Lurree Pavis 828-837-2587

United Community Bank, Pat Lambert   828-837-9291

BB&T  Theresa O’blenes 828-837-8144

Macon Bank,  Karen Kephart  828-837-8000



P &R Paving, Inc   Kenny Phillips   828-837-7576



Sandidge  Plumbing   828-837-6296

Christian Plumbing   828-837-5068


Power Company

Blue Ridge Mountain EMC   800-292-6456

Murphy Power Board   828-837-2211

Tri State Electric   706-492-3251

Duke Power   800-777-9898


Radon Inspection

Western Carolina Home Inspections   828-837-5407

Matt Trader Home Inspections   828-644-8243



Septic  Permits

Cherokee County Environmental Health 828-837-3853



Donnie Cordell   828-494-7058

Phillip Allan  706-455-6106


Termite Inspection

Tri State Termite  828-837-0348

Central Termite   828-837-5411


Trash Service

Advance Disposal  678-341-7056


Tree Service, Removal, View Clearing, Trimming

Mi Po Tree Service, Dana and Jared Pope ,  828-644-5405


Well Drilling

Wilson Well Drilling    828-837-0963

Cherokee Well Drilling  828-837-8008